General FAQ (31 December 2003)
1.What kind shapes and size of plastic bags can you produce?

We can produce a vast number of sizes and shapes of bags ranging from 1 inch wide x .015 gauge up to 96 inch wide x .025 gauge. (Please see our products)

2.What other products do you have aside from plastic bags?

Aside from plastic bags we also produce plastic tubing, sheet, and stretch film. (Please see our products)

3.What is the minimum quantity in one order?

For local order if you order from Hong Kong the minimum quantity is 50 lb. For oversea the minimum quantity is negotiable.

4.What are the prices?

It varies, depending on quantities, color, print and size of bag of your order. For example, the lowest price for a size of 15 (W in inch) x 15 (L in inch) and the thickness is 0.015 (in mm) bag could be as low as to US$0.0036 per each or US$3.6 per thousand.

5.How many colors can you print on one bag?
We can print up to 12 different colors and as large as 42 inches in width for one side or two sides.

6.Can you design bags for me?

No, you must provide the sample, we would like to produce exactly as you want.

7.How long will it take for delivery my bags upon placing the order?

It depends on where you are located. If you are located Hong Kong we can deliver your goods within 3 days. But if you are located oversea, it will take a bit longer.

8.By what means are the goods to be delivered?

Normally, for delivery of local goods we ship them via trucks, and for oversea we ship them via cargo ships. Emergency shipments can be arranged to have ordered goods to be ship via airplane provided that the purchasers are willing to absorb the transportation fees.

9.How do I make the payment?

Cash or Telegram transfer/letter of credit or L/C or Negotiation.

10.Can I reject the bags if I find problems with them?

If there are problems related to the quality of the goods received, they can be returned for replacement or credit within 30 days. There will be 20% handling charge on the return of non-defective goods. Custom orders are non-returnable.

11.Can I get a sample before I place my order?

Yes, provided that the sample cost is less than HK$2.00.

12.How do I place an order and contact you?

There are many ways to contact us.

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